Kindergarten Grocery Store

Jackson’s school has an annual Town Day where all the classrooms are converted to stores and services, like pet groomers, a flower shop, post office… and Jackson’s kindergarten class became a grocery store! As part of the opportunity to share and learn, kids brought in empty food containers (cereal boxes, milk jugs, soup cans, etc) and made fruit and meats out of clay then painted them. All these things were sorted into the various food groups: fruits, veggies, protein, grain, dairy. Other classes that came to visit their store had to find items from the food groups then go to the checkout. Jackson helped bag the “groceries” then also helped other kids as they sorted and glued pictures of food onto a plate labeled with the food groups.

Lucky me! I got to volunteer three times: first, when Jackson’s class made food out of air-hardened clay, then the next day when it was painted, then a few days later when it was time to open the store. It was an awesome school-wide project that taught the kids about healthy eating, communities, how businesses work, and working together as a team.

And Jackson can’t wait for me to come volunteer again!

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