DIY Kiddo Dresser

While driving from here to there in Jamaica Plain (MA), I drove down a very residential street off the Jamaica Pond and on the side of the street, waiting to be taken away with the trash, was a tall 5-drawer bureau. Very nice, sturdy, in good shape. Only missing the drawer pulls. Maybe a bit dirty from sitting out on the curb for a few days. But… still… it was FREE! So I decided that YES it WILL fit in my little Nissan Versa. And I made it fit, you betcha!

At home it would become Jackson’s dresser. I cleaned it up, scrubbing the surface with a soft scouring pad and some diluted household cleaner. Lined the inside of the drawers with polka-dotted contact paper. Then painted the outside front of the drawers and the top of the bureau a dark blue using just tempera paint. Finally, Jackson put on his smock, we found the brushes and I squirted out red, blue, yellow and white into four little tins and he set to work on add some style to his dresser. I just let him go to town, do whatever he pleased. When he said one was done, I set it aside and he started on the next. He had a blast!

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Then I went to Home Depot to get some drawer pulls. I was going to get a variety of eclectic pulls, nothing matching. I thought that would be fun. But then I saw they had these plain unfinished wooden drawer pulls and I thought…hmm… another craft project!

Now that the dresser is done, Jackson is very proud of it. he can organize and get to his own clothes and takes great joy in dressing himself in the morning. The final step was to anchor the bureau to the wall, as it is very tall and all boys love to climb.

[SOAPBOX NOTE: All tall bureaus, armoirs, bookshelves, entertainment centers, etc, should be anchored to the wall in some fashion when there are young children in the household. An L-bracket is simple enough. If you’re worried about the vanity of your furniture, you need to rearrange your priorities and get over it. Safety first.]

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