DIY Craft: repurposing an old calendar

Jack loves Toy Story. So last year I bought him a Toy Story calendar. This year he wouldn’t let me throw it away. So last month we did a craft project  with it.

First, we cut up a few images into long rectangles, backed them with colorful construction paper and laminated each piece. Then punched a hole at the top, looped a piece of ribbon and viola! Bookmarks for us to use with our bedtime reading.

Second, we wanted to make a new background image for his plain wall clock. We took one of his favorite images of Woody, Buzz, and Rex, then used the round plastic cover from the analog wall clock to cut out a circle. Then we punched a hole in the middle. I had carefully taken the hands off the clock so that I could place the new background on, gluing it down. [In preparation for this, I had earlier scanned the numbers of the clock , printed it out on clear acetate, and cut out the circle]. I then placed the clear acetate with the clock numbers numbers on top of the image of the characters, using small pieces of clear tape to keep it in place. I made sure everything was right side up, then put the clock hands and the clear plastic cover back in place. And viola! Now he’ll have more fun learning to tell time.


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