About me (not an artist statement)

Many people are somewhat surprised to hear that I grew up in the Bronx, near the Zoo, Co-op City and the No. 5 train. My parents and family were always supportive of me being an artist. It’s just what I did. While at boarding school at St. Andrew’s in Delaware, I encountered an awesome art teacher, Peter Brooks. In my senior year, he introduced me to printmaking (I think he saw that I was a terrible painter) and it just clicked.

After high school I spent a year volunteering at St. Mark’s College in South Africa. It was an eye opening experience to teach at a private school for black South Africans just one year after the end of apartheid. This was my first trip outside of the United States and I clearly stood out as “The American.” While there I was also able to travel to Swaziland, Cape Town, Namibia, and Johannesburg. And there began my wanderlust.

While in undergrad at Wellesley College I was drafted into an intro print class by Phyllis McGibbon. She would become my undergrad advisor and lifelong mentor. In grad school at the University of Iowa, I focused more intently on lithography with Robert Glasgow as my MFA advisor, and broadened my technical skills in woodcut, letterpress and book arts. Bookbinding was especially great to explore as it gave me options to working with text as well as with working outside of the traditional flat 2d print format.

My wanderlust during this time took me to various cities and towns in Italy, Tamarind in New Mexico, Frogman’s in Vermillion, SD, and a summer assisting Master Printer Rodney Doyle at Solo Impressions in NYC.

After my MFA, I returned to Boston, taught part-time and worked at the Harvard University Art Museums, all the while working hard at being an artist. For a few years I worked out of a studio at Vernon Street in Somerville, took advantage of my alumnae status to utilize the printshop at the Wellesley, exhibited my work around locally and afar, and taught a few courses at the SMFA, Framingham State, Boston Architectural College, DeCordova, Eliot School and other places. After leaving Harvard to explore other options, I have landed at the SMFA as the area tech for print and paper while continuing to teach workshops locally.

When not printing or teaching book binding or holding it down at the SMFA, I am spending every bit of time that I can with my almost 7 year old son. Like me, he is full of curiosity, loves a good road trip, seeks out adventure and is incredibly creative. My far and away wanderlusts have been on hold for while, waiting for him to be old enough to enjoy the adventures with me. Well I think that time is nigh. He and I live in the metro Boston area with our two rambunctious cats.

Every day is an adventure and the creative can be found in all things. This blog is to share those with anyone who cares to read about them.