Some thoughts on lithography…

I forgot to post this last month! I finally printed that stone I was waxing poetically on. Printing conjured up all kinds of thoughts. You know how your mind just wanders on all kinds of shit when you are doing a repetitive process like editioning. Well my mind has missed litho as it’s been a while since I’ve made myself grain, draw, and print a stone. And it felt like the best cupcake I’ve ever had. Seriously. So my mind had lots to say about it.

  • Setting up for litho is like prepping for surgery. Tools ready, apron on, patient on the slab.
  • Everyone has their litho voodoo. You know that thing you do that works for you and when you tell other printmakers about it they’re like “?!” and if they try it themselves it won’t work for them, so they just keep doing what they do which is their own voodoo.
  • Lithographers are a bunch of sadists. I mean, we’re obsessed with leather rollers. LEATHER. And we do this thing called snapping. With the leather roller. Oh and then there’s the tympan grease which is just fancy petroleum jelly. You see where I’m going with this one, right…?
  • Don’t talk to me when I’m in the zone. That’s why I have these ridiculous superhero headphones on. Cause I don’t hear you. LALALALALALA
  • my arms are gonna look great when this is done
  • I’m going to need a manicure when this is done.
  • I don’t necessarily need help with sponging, I need help with counting. How many rolls was that…? Fuck.
  • I will print this like a boss and make this stone my b*tch. (See what I mean? Sadistic.)
  • Finish this run and get a cupcake.

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