Accordion Case Binding Workshop at the Eliot School

This past weekend I taught a wonderful Sunday afternoon workshop on Accordion Case Binding with 4 very excited participants. The best part was that I set out to do one thing, but after showing some examples of books, one participant developed a growing desire to do something else, though still related to the topic. OK! I am always happy to re-vision my ideas for a workshop to accommodate the interests of students and it was very fun.

We started off with an accordion book that was bound with a non-adhesive detachable slip cover, allowing for expansion of the accordion and the ability to remove the spine and view the reverse pages of the accordion, as the accordion is attached at both ends to both the front and back covers. As well, we made the accordion out of folded singles sheets that were then attached to one another with adhesive strips.

The next book we did was the case bound book, which is attached at only one end to only the back cover. The front, back and spine is one solid piece so this doesn’t allow for expansion of the accordion later on, BUT because the accordion is permanently attached at just one end, both sides of the accordion can be viewed with ease without the need to detach the cover.

Each book has their own style and versatility, and one may be better than the other for a concept or idea. So doing both books was great for the participants to see the value of each and then take the skills home to determine which book style would work for their personal projects.

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