Art at Home

Having dinner with friends, one also an artist, and the third person asked us “You must have a lot of art at home, right? Your homes must be decorated and full of art! You’re so lucky!” My artist-friend responded that her home is pretty plain, that after she comes home from the studio she just doesn’t want to deal with it. I nodded in agreement but in my mind I was doing a visual walk-through of my apartment and wondering “Well, I do have some art work but not much…”

I likened it to my father’s occupation before he retired. He drove a local delivery truck in NYC and even had stops in Long Island, Westchester County, upper New Jersey and lower Connecticut. Starting at 6am, five days a week. Needless to say, on his off days he refused to drive. When I came home from college on the weekends, he reminded me to make sure I arrived on the Greyhound bus early so that I wouldn’t be on the subway from Port Authority to the Bronx late at night. He knew I was street wise and that I could hold my own, so he never felt bad about refusing to drive down to pick me up. So I also learned to travel light. My dad will NOT drive if it’s not necessary cause he spent 50 plus years doing it.

So I get why artists may not have a lot of their own art work hanging up at home. Thinking back to the homes of other artists I have visited, it’s seems rather common. We see and think about feel our own art all the time. We need a break sometimes.

When I got home that evening, I looked around my own home. I think I have a fair amount of my own work hanging up, and a greater amount of work by others. Being a printmaker is cool in that I get to trade prints with other artists. But I also noticed that there are many works I have displayed at home that are NOT prints. Following is a slide show of the work I have at home by myself and by fellow artists (names are noted) who have shared their work with me. As well as an image of the “gallery” of work by my little self-proclaimed Art Studio.

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One response to “Art at Home

  1. Ian and I have some work up. His huge map monopolizes one of our walls, haha!
    But definitely know whatchu mean.
    Anywho, see you later today! 🙂

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