Two down…

My goal was to complete three editions today. Alas I was foiled from the beginning: simple 30-minute oil change turned into a new set of front tires 3 hours later. Sigh. But I was determined NOT to let that fuck up my day. I was going to print damnit.

I showed up at Carolyn Muskat’s studio in Somerville, and hunkered down at one of her Fuchs & Lang presses for the afternoon. In that time I managed to pull out (kicking and screaming) one edition. Looked nice, but I might throw on another run later on sometime. Of course, leave it to me to make things more complicated when I’ve already fallen behind.

Could’ve printed a second plate but I wasn’t pleased with how the print was looking on the paper I chose, a book weight Zerkall Frankfurt. The dark areas looked too flat and the lines looked kinda mushy. Then again it could’ve been my ink had too much tint base. Or a combination. Nevertheless, I thought better to not continue and waste the paper and the time. There’s a saying about that, something like, don’t do a thing just because you can do it.  If I had printed it, it would not have been because I should or because it looked good or because it was a good idea. None of those were true at the time. To print that image just because I could or because I had time would have been silly.

So for my edition-a-week goal, I have two weeks done.

Stop your worrying. It’s all good.



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