Busy Busy Busy!

I don’t even know where to begin…

Ok, three BIG things this semester (of many BIG things, but here are just three). In September I was invited to guest lecture at Roxbury Community College in Marshall Hughes’ Humanities Course, a requirement course for all new students. This is the third time I have collaborated with Marshall on this project, where the students do hands-on work that relates to some aspect of what they are learning. Usually I merge some contemporary art practices with a discussion on its origins, development and significance. We did some silkscreen and book binding, with a discussion on the proliferation of icons and representational images, followed up by a discussion on the democratization of books and literacy. Apprehensive at first, the students really got into it quickly.

As well, I taught a workshop on Monoprinted Artist Books at the DeCordova Museum School just last weekend. MOST fun! Excited to see familiar faces as well as new students. I love workshops like these where people come in with a totally blank slate and then leave with more on their plate than they imagined, full of bursting ideas and renewed energy. Excellent!

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Then last week I was invited by the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk CT to be a masterprinter for 4 artists during their annual MONOTHON. 12 hours…TWELVE. Printing straight through. Did break for a bit lunch and walk through the CCP galleries and studios, but printing kept going right along. The MOSTEST excellent of all! CCP is such an awesome place with good people, fantastic facilities and equipment and just a great presence. I look forward to my workshop there in January.


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