Conjuring ideas

Having spent a long time in a deep art slumber, I am eager to start anew. I am not sure I want to return to old ideas. They need to be kept at rest. Kinda like a shedding old skin. Or being reincarnated. The soul is the same, but the body changes.

I think I want my art to change and I need to spend some time exploring that change.

In the long-term, I am taking a month off in March of 2011 to attend a residency at Vermont Studio Center. Eagerly looking forward to time within myself to draw. Draw on paper, draw on found objects, and draw upon my own self.

Until them, in preparation, I feel a need to conjure. Fellow artist spirits, words (spoken and written), materials (found and created).

Tonight’s conjuring tools:

  • an exhibition catalogue from the Des Moines Art Center of a 2002 Martin Puryear exhibition
  • a catalogue raisonee of Kiki Smith from the Walker Art Center
  • catalogue of installations by Ellen Rothenberg and Carrie Mae Weems
  • Robert Wilson exhibition catalogue from 2005 of drawings and sculptures
  • “Imagine Being More Afraid of Freedom than Slavery” poems by Pamela Sneed
  • “Here” poems by Letta Neely

Also, I have been reading “Where the Oceans Meet” a luscious novel by Bhargavi C. Mandava.

As I dive into these materials, I hope to dig far deeper into my artistic sense, encourage myself to take more risks and force myself off an edge. I never learned to swim. Instead when I was five, I jumped off a high dive to the great horror of my older brother who was supposed to be watching me. Since then, I have never swam, been afraid of boats, hated pools, disdained the beach. But last weekend we went kayaking! No fear, no trepidation, just get in the boat and row.


One response to “Conjuring ideas

  1. Spent a little time at your website and enjoyed it. You keep a full schedule. I especially liked Conjuring Ideas which documents and or comments on what the process of change looks like for you up close and from the inside. Best Wishes !

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