Cool Books!

Last Friday evening got to check out the opening of “Somewhere Far From Habit: The Poet & The Artist’s Book” at the Pierre Menard Gallery in Cambridge, MA. The exhibit was a collection of artists’ books whereby the artist collaborated with a writer/poet. There were some really creative books, some more sculptural than others. Various styles: pop up, accordion, fold out, long stitch… One book bound in an iron, another “book” on a long stretch of paper and pulled from a large tape measure… my technical nerd favorite was a coptic bound book with a continuous circular spine. Don’t know where it started or ended!

But before headed out to the gallery, during the day I helped Ann Pelican at the SMFA to install an exhibition of books made by her students. Really neat little books made of found materials. Always inspired by the open creativeness of students exploring new techniques and ideas.

Gotta make more books…


One response to “Cool Books!

  1. Thanks for coming out! Mary CH

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