Connecting with The Art Connection

When I moved out of my studio back on January, I had a number of works that I loved but also wanted to find a good home too. I had always been interested in donating work to the Art Connection but kept putting it off until Tova Speter came to my studio and said “So Jenny…” Perfect timing! I handed off the art work to her, delayed the paperwork for months (shame on me) and finally got my work registered with their organization.

The Art Connection is a non-profit organization that connects artists and other non-profits. Artists who have art to donate, organizations who have a need for donated art to liven up their spaces, a perfect match. As artists, we often have so much work that sits around that it is a great opportunity to share our work with those in need. At no cost to the artist or the non-profit.

So far my work has been placed at the Massasoit Community College, The Dimock Center and the Lowell Community Health Center. I am very pleased that my work will be placed in public spaces to be viewed and appreciated by many people from varied communities.

Learn more about the Art Connection at


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