Just Beat It and Fun at the DeCordova

I have decided that Lucia can be sporty woodsy learn-to-swim mama. I shall be arty music explorer adventure mommy.

This past weekend Jlee and I met up with our friends Ophelia and Zeke, a good college friend from Wellesley and her 8-yr old son, and headed to the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park for Summer Free Friday. Free admission! Music! Crafts! Fun! We didn’t spend a lot of time indoors because it was such a nice day and perfect for walking around the sculpture park. The boys LOVED exploring the landscape and “exploring” the sculptures. I was very impressed that Zeke knew who John Wilson was. And of course everyone enjoyed the musical xylophone sculpture by Paul Matisse, cause my little man is so musical!

Then on Saturday morning, we got up early early to trek out to Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaica Plain to drop in on the toddler drumming class taught by Sugarfoot. SO MUCH FUN! Ok here’s the thing: Jackson is high energy. He wakes up alert and ready to go. So now our goal is to find activities that focus his energy and helps him learn something fun. Like music! He was so engaged and attentive to Sugarfoot, who was an awesome and fun teacher for the kids. And now I know how to make simple musical instruments for Jackson, out of buckets, sticks with one end padded, empty cans, duct tape and beans. Voila! Percussion!


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