Eliot School Craft Fair THIS WEEKEND!

I’m participating in the Eliot School’s Annual Craft Fair, this Saturday December 6. Truth is, I don’t really consider myself a “crafter” but these days the definition of what is craft is kinda blurry. It can include a range of handmade items from knit socks to hand printed woodcuts.

One good thing about this Craft Fair is that potential students get to meet me and ask me questions about the workshops I’ll be teaching at the Eliot School this upcoming winter. I’ll be teaching woodcut and gelatin monoprinting. As well, I’ll also be co-teaching the Tuesday evening drop-in figure drawing class. This one is always alot of fun with a good group of steady repeat attendees.

And Saturday is supposed to be nice weather too! If you are in Massachusetts, swing by JP and say hello.


One response to “Eliot School Craft Fair THIS WEEKEND!

  1. Gelatin monoprinting sounds good…hmmm, I have to do some research.

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