DeCordova Museum School BIG Woodcuts

I LOVE that moment of printing, after you’ve carved and inked and layed down the paper and placed the blankets and cranked the press. That moment when you roll back the blankets like a curtain and hold your breath as you pull the sheet of paper from the block…

It’s especially magical when I teach because I love seeing that glint of joy in the eyes of my students. Below are images from my class at the DeCordova Museum School (in Lincoln MA). The students are all artists, in some respect. Some have never done printmaking, some have way in the past and wanted to rekindle the flame. Some are painters or sculptors or photographers, and then bring that aspect of their art into their prints. I teach the class with an open mind, responding to each person’s needs, ideas, and queries. As we are approaching the end of the Fall term, with only two classes left, students in the class are well onto thier individual paths. Some came in with an clear intent of what they wanted to accomplish, others kinda played around a bit to discover a personal goal. The images here are from that moment when the path is clear and the goal is a wide open target.

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One response to “DeCordova Museum School BIG Woodcuts

  1. Jennifer continues to weave (er… print)her magic wherever she goes and whomever she touches. Kudos and keep up the great work

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