More Monoprint Books

Here are a few more monoprint recycled books. One made with a re-used book cover, another made with a vinyl floor tile sample. And an alphabet stencil book still in progress…

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I liked these stencil letter forms and the idea of looking at text through text windows. But not sure yet where the “book” is going, if anywhere at all. This might just be a process project that won’t become an actual finished work.


One response to “More Monoprint Books

  1. Hello there JenniferI have REALLY loved looking/reading through your blog. I too love accordian books and printmaking and monotypes and well I just liked how you shared your thoughts and ideas. As a fellow fine artist – I think its really important to be able and willing to communicate concerning your artwork.keep at it girl !!best wishesfrom Aine Scannellin cold drizzly Edinburgh in Scotland.

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