Studio Time!

So this is a corner of my studio, from earlier this summer. Progress has been made on the clutter, but you know what they say about an empty desk…There is a fire lighting under my ass and I will get there.

In the meantime I have been inspired and encouraged these past few days by the many exhibition openings I have attended. First on Wednesday evening, Jlee and I went to the New Art Dept Faculty Show at Wellesley College; then Thursday night I joined George Fifield, and crew from Axiom Gallery at the DeCordova Opening of Drawn to Detail(insane drawings… IN SANE) and sketches by Layla Ali; and just tonight, Lucia, Jlee and I went to First Friday in SOWA and were most impressed by the work at Bernard Toale and Kayafas. All shows were fabulous and you should check them out if you can.

One response to “Studio Time!

  1. Hi Jennifer,It was great to meet you in NY last weekend! Hope we’ll meet again. I’d love to talk shop with you. And how ’bout that Barack Obama?!! We live in amazing times…

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