Wooden Dialogues Artist Talk

Today I was invited to speak in the gallery at Wheelock College with my fellow artist, Gloria Calderon Saenz, about our work. We spoke to two classes, an art history class studying women in the history of art and a studio art class doing mixed media collage. It was rather appropriate, as both my work and Gloria’s incorporate use of various materials, as well as a varied use of materials.

First, it was great to get out and speak about my work, to hear the questions that my work brings up and to learn more about another artist. Gloria made a really good point that the desire to create art outweighs the obstacles. Another thing she talked about, which is somewhat related, is the need to make that art even if it is bad. I have such a difficult time making time between working and teaching and being a mother and financial and family responsibilities. So sometimes when I do go to the studio, it is a mental and creative struggle. As a result, I wind up making art that is sometimes not my best. But every artist has to do that, right? What is most important is that I am constantly in motion, challenging my creativity and finding motivation. Artist talks, having coffee with fellow artists or just visiting museums does that for me just as much as producing work in the studio. All experiences are relevant.


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